Our Network

Our backbone network is built using a multi-layer design developed to offer the highest level of performance and reliability.

Dedicated optical transport: Our private optical long-haul network provides the foundation for an Ethernet-over-PBB-TE mesh between core backbone routers in each city. By allowing our optical transport system to detect and route around physical-level circuit problems, the need for convergence on inter-city routes is eliminated. This same infrastructure also provides dedicated data transport services to customers in the backbone cities.

Highly-scalable IP network: Built on top of our highly-resilient optical transport network, our layer-3/IP Network was recently re-engineered using Force10 routers to provide the highest levels of capacity and performance, even when utilizing enhanced services such as traffic analysis, DDoS mitigation and traffic filtering.

A next generation network designed to perform better than the Internet

We provide a service portfolio running over our Layer 2 Ethernet over MPLS network that performs incrementally better than the public Internet.

Everything we do will be guided by the goal of making sure that every packet sent is routed in the best and most efficient way possible and over the most reliable and secure infrastructure available. This way, we believe that the online strategies of every organization, big or small, can be improved upon. Both of these headline roadmaps will further enhance the capability to deliver traffic between originator and respondent with guarantees of performance, reliability and security.

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