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Internet T1 & T3

Full T1
End to End Ownership

We offer one of the few true dedicated symmetrical 1.5 Mbps point to point T1 connections to the internet available in the marketplace today. We own, operate and manage the connection with end to end Cisco hardware from your point of business all the way to our data center, the premier communications hub of the Pacific Rim from which you are then placed directly onto a high bandwidth, high capacity connection to the internet.

Free On-Site Consultation

We have designed its IP network to provide superior performance, quality and reliability that customers demand. To best leverage this advanced network design we offer free on-site consultation by professional network engineers to tailor solutions that are right for your unique business needs.

Fast Turnaround

Solutions can usually be implemented within three to four weeks. For even faster turnaround times we also offer a premier expedition service that can turn around an order in five to seven days.

Guaranteed Bandwidth, Latency, and Reliability

Other T1 providers may route your connection through several aggregation points in which the number of hops required to reach the internet may change at any time adversely affecting latency. We maintain, manage and assume full responsibility and control over the connection route it provides. This allows us to guarantee the bandwidth, latency and reliability to a degree that is not possible with other T1 providers.

Designed for Advanced Services

We have designed and built its network from the ground up with advanced services and solutions in mind. We understand the critical nature of your business network. Other telecommunication providers typically invested in their infrastructure to provide voice services and considered their IP networks as a secondary non-critical service. The investment made to the IP network infrastructure was done with an effort to save money and keep costs low. As a result they suffer when a customer wishes to add some of the more advanced IP services such as Quality of Service, Voice over IP and MPLS.

Commitment and Responsibility

We are committed to providing 99.99% availability of this precious lifeline which is so important to your business. This is done by a system of sophisticated LAN Network analysis software and proactive monitoring thru a team of dedicated network engineers that can provide immediate Tier 3 support even if the problem resides on the private network inside your business. Thru proactive monitoring, issues can be avoided and resolved prior to the end user becoming aware of any problems. We have complete end to end contingency planning and is responsible for carrier escalations that continue with fifteen minute follow ups until all issues have been resolved and closed to satisfaction.

Bonded T1
Cost Effective and Flexible

We will bond several dedicated T1 lines to provide increased bandwidth up to 9Mbps to meet with the demands of your company without the cost of implementing a full T3 solution. T1 lines can be added or removed at any time to remain flexible.

Superior Network Design Verses Traditional Implementation

Instead of utilizing three separate T1 lines to accommodate your company’s PRI voice line, internet data line and/or inter-office network communications bonds all lines into one high speed high capacity connection.

Redundancy and Service Protection

PPP Multi Link Protocol provides the added benefit of built in redundancy and bandwidth optimization. Should one of the T1 lines go down for whatever reason such as the PRI T1 line for example the other T1 lines in the bond will pick up the load and you will not lose your vital phone service. Please also check out our "Dual Path" Bonded T1

Dynamic Bandwidth Utilization

Should any of the services be idle through the day such as your phones the other services will benefit from the additional bandwidth.

Hosting Services

Bonded T1 technology is perfect for hosting services such as application and web servers from a central headquarters location to remote office locations. By increasing the bandwidth at the headquarter location all remote offices benefit from the added performance and reliability.

Full DS3
High Speed and High Capacity

For businesses that demand dedicated high speed, high capacity internet access for bandwidth intensive applications and services we offer full T3 45Mbps connectivity.

Flexible Pricing Options

We also offer a full 45Mbps T3 line that is capped at 20Mbps that can instantly be upgraded to full capacity for companies that wish to implement a high speed DS3 service but at a lower price point.

State of the Art Fiber Optic Technology and Routers

We utilize complete fiber optic connections from our Data Center all the way to your business premises and includes a high end Cisco router which is monitored 24/7 for the ultimate in security and reliability.

Free On-Site Site Survey

We offer a free on-site survey to assist in determining implementation schedules and build out requirements.

Interim Implementation Solution

Typically implementation takes from 90 to 120 days. An interim solution which utilizes bonded T1 technology to provide a 9Mbps connection can be implemented in the mean time so that your company can realize high speed, high capacity in a relatively short time frame.

Fractional DS3
Cost Effective Entry Point

We offer fractional T3 for companies that wish to pay only for what they utilize but still want the benefit of T3 technology, capacity and reliability. Starting at an entry level of 6Mbps companies can incrementally add bandwidth as their business needs and offerings grow in 3Mbps increments all the way to 45Mbps quickly and easily.


What is MPLS?

From a technology perspective Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) is quite complicated and requires a thorough knowledge of networking and routing to understand it in its entirety. Should you wish to learn about this powerful protocol in detail you can download a comprehensive PDF compiled from multiple sources that charts definitions, functionality, and requirements necessary for designing and implementing an MPLS based network available here:


Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) is a technology that allows you to design fast, efficient, and highly scalable IP networks for companies that have multiple office locations and need to share high priority, critical application data in an easy to manage and secure environment.

One of the key advantages that MPLS offers is Class and Quality of Service (QoS) support allowing the bandwidth intensive client-server applications like those implemented on Siebel, Oracle and Peoplesoft. Class and Quality of Service support is critical to the implementation of Voice over IP (VoIP) which is intolerant of jitter and latency. MPLS routes packets through the network utilizing “label switching” which allows you to tag or label high priority traffic and route those packets through your expensive high capacity circuits and route non-critical data through low cost, low capacity circuits which results in a single integrated IP network that is highly optimized.

MPLS has is the ability to create reliable VPNs without the use of VPN clients reducing the level of management and deployment complexity considerably. Which leads us to the discussion of traditional IPSEC based networking versus MPLS networking.

There are many arguments supporting one technology over the other but most agree that MPLS is the future and IPSEC is on the way out. This is mostly influenced by many trade magazines that tout MPLS as technology that has the highest potential for substantial cost savings. There are many articles and white papers available profiling several fortune 500 companies that have made the switch and have seen rapid return on investment and are currently reaping the benefits of MPLS. Although MPLS offers the highest potential for significant performance gains and cost saving, migrating to MPLS from traditional IPSEC technology requires careful planning and will render much of your IPSEC infrastructure equipment obsolete. We want you to carefully weigh the options and consider.

If you are considering whether to implement an MPLS or IPSEC solutions here are some things to consider:

A traditional IPSEC network usually consists of a main site, backup main site, and multiple remote sites requiring extensive design, planning and rollout. Network design can be a long drawn out process and requires high cost expert resources. Equipment needs to be purchased, routing tables need to be populated, security policies configured, cryptographic algorithms decided, and so on. Even after that phase is complete, you still need to test and troubleshoot.

M P L S does away with all of those headaches. You don’t need to purchase any equipment and you don’t need to understand security because all security is managed and is part of the MPLS backbone. Implementing private network that is MPLS based is simple and straightforward. You connect your sites in a basic “point to point” configuration. Edge routers connect your main, backup and remote sites to the M P L S network and you’re done. All configuration and management is done and is monitored 24/7/365.

MPLS/VPN Hybrid Solutions

While MPLS is easy to implement there are some design issues to be concerned about. MPLS alone does not give your site internet access. For that you need to implement MPLS + I.

MPLS + Internet

While with MPLS + I you may have just solved your site-to-site connectivity issues and your Internet access, you now have another potential headache, which is that all sites are now accessing the Internet over the same pipe as your private site-to-site traffic. This is only an issue if someone at a remote site downloads a huge MP3 file and at the same time that your CEO is downloading his latest sales forecast report from that same branch office. Whoops. So M P L S definitely has a double edge to it when you find yourself sharing the same pipe for Internet and site-to-site critical data transfers. To deal with this problem you can increase your bandwidth to the M P L S network, or apply Quality of Service (QoS) to the packets.

If you have voice and video traffic flowing over your MPLS network, that can add another wrinkle. You need to start allocating bandwidth and reserving, differentiating and prioritizing your traffic. Voice is first, video is second, site-to-site is third, internet is last. That means you “mark packets” at your core switch and/or edge routers. Suddenly MPLS doesn’t seem so simple once you factor in data classification and QoS. But it still beats having to purchase $5k per site for a fancy firewall doing IPsec. The key is to take advantage of our expertise and experience in working with you in designing a network that suits your unique business needs. Our experience will point out potential issues that you may not even be aware of or thought about.

What does an MPLS network look like?
Your Network With MPLS

The beauty of M P L S is that it eliminates multiple routers, firewalls and IT management headaches from all of the remote locations by putting control and management of the entire network into one center, usually Headquarters.

Your Network Without MPLS

To accomplish anything close to an M P L S network right now is a muddle of routers, firewalls, tunnels involving massive amounts of IT management at EVERY location within the network. Relying on old technology is costly, less efficient, less scalable and much harder to manage.


Datacenter 1
Affordable Pricing

We own and operate two fully equipped Data Centers each with their own unique features and capabilities to offer affordable pricing options.

High Security High Profile Data Center

This is one of the most interconnected colocation facilities. Hundreds of networks converge at this downtown Los Angeles colocation facility, bringing together networks from nations around the globe. Over the past decade, the 664,000 square-foot building has emerged as the premier communications hub of the Pacific Rim.

Equipped with Closed Circuit audio and video recorded and monitored 24/7 it offers the peace of mind that your equipment and data are safe and secure from intrusion. Entry is permitted with security escort only.

High Reliability and Power Protection

The Data Center has Full UPS power protection and provides generator backup. The Data Center is equipped with the most modern in climate control available to assure the safest operating environments for reliability.

High Capacity Cabinets

Cabinets are full 81"x 34" x 36" cabinets with a full 20 Amps of power with an additional 20 Amps available on request. Each cabinet is wired with 10, 100, 1000 Mb connections and can be wired with fiber to offer gigabit capacity.

Data Center 2
Entry Level Data Center

Our second Data Center is our entry level colocation facility. Pricing at this facility is extremely aggressive and competitive and offers several cabinet configurations.

High Reliability and Power Protection

The Data Center has Full UPS power protection and provides generator backup. The Data Center is equipped with the most modern in climate control available to assure the safest operating environments for reliability.

Flexible Cabinet Configurations

Full Cabinets are 81"x 34" x 36" cabinets with a full 20 Amps of power with an additional 20 Amps available on request.

Half Cabinets are 40"x 34" x 36" cabinets with a full 20 Amps of power with an additional 20 Amps available on request.

Quarter Cabinets are 20"x 34" x 36" cabinets with a full 20 Amps of power with an additional 20 Amps available on request.

Each cabinet is wired with 10, 100, 1000 Mb connections and can be wired with fiber to offer gigabit capacity.

Remote Reboot

Each Cabinet is equipped with remote reboot strips which give you the ability to reboot your equipment from outside the data center.

Managed Services

Fully Managed Servers
Install and Maintain OS

We will install and configure an operating system of your choice and proactively apply OS Service and Security Updates as they become available.

Server Monitoring

To insure peak performance your servers will be monitored around the clock. Our team will closely monitor the temperature, CPU usage, memory usage, disk storage usage, system/application/security events and proactively correct issues as they are discovered.

Control Panel Access

You will have full access to your server though control panels that will allow you to remotely administer and maintain your server. Take over; the server is yours!

Automatic Backup Service

Your data will always be safe, secure and protected by being backed up automatically on a schedule to your specifications and stored offsite.

Application Installation, Maintenance and Troubleshooting

We will install your applications, apply updates and provide troubleshooting to create a reliable and satisfactory user experience. Issues will be tracked by our help desk and you will be able track progress through our on-line portal.

Managed Router

Through our Managed Router Service, we will work with you to ease and enhance the end-to-end management of your communications network.

Value-Added, Turnkey Router Management

Our Managed Router Service provides an expert, fully outsourced solution to manage the routers associated with your Wide Area Network. The service extends equipment, network management, and expertise to your premise to give you end-to-end support for your WAN communications. We offer the Managed Router solution as a value-added option to a select set of our data services.

Service Details
  • Equipment fulfillment, including staging, installation, configuration, and maintenance.
  • 24 x 7 monitoring, management and trouble resolution with service guarantees.
  • Direct access to certified network engineers familiar with your network.
  • Service management Web portal that shows network health information and has extensive reporting capabilities.
  • Choice of service packages to meet a variety of needs, from ther very basic to the complex and advanced.
Improves network performance and availability

The Managed Router Service provides continuous, proactive monitoring and management of your routers to detect and address network issues before they are noticed. We use world class, customer-tailored software and techniques for the resolution of your problem.

Increases productivity

Our Managed Router offering provides all of the elements necessary to offload router management from your in-house IT resources so they are available for other tasks that are closer to your company’s priorities.

Enhances efficiency and eases support

We are the single point of contact for the end-to-end management of your Wide Area Network eliminating the need for you to initiate, coordinate, and follow up with multiple vendors.

3Mbps Dual Path T1

It has long been a challenge to provide true T1 redundancy for reliable connectivity to the outside world from your business without having to involve expensive resources in the event of the failure of a T1 line.

Even if you had a secondary T1 connection available from a separate internet provider available, you would still have to deal with the fact that you have an entirely separate and different IP address range than your primary T1 line. In addition you are still limited to the bandwidth 1.5Mb/s of a single T1 line even though you are paying for two T1 lines.

Cutting over to the secondary T1 line involves reconfiguring numerous network components and application servers in your enterprise. This process is time consuming, costly and prone to failure.

We are the first ISP to provide Small, Medium and Enterprise businesses the benefit of redundancy without the complexity of managing two ISPs. We have partnered with other telecom provider to bring the first Dual Path T1. This allows businesses to have two separate backbones to the Internet improving reliability.

Through unique relationships developed over the years; we now offer a service that allows for the bonding of T1 lines from two different backbone sources. Both lines act as a single circuit and you can burst up to the full bandwidth of the T1’s bundled together. This configuration is available from 3Mb/s up to 9Mb/s by bonding up to 6 T1 Lines. By purchasing multiple T1 Lines you will also qualify for a discounted bulk T1 line rate. In addition you will not be paying for a T1 Line that you are not able to use until a failure occurs. This translates into a cost effective method of keeping your valuable network resource online.

We have made this process easy since the customer is provided a single IP address block that will traverse both backbones without the need for complicated protocols such as BGP. With this simple and easy solution, customers can protect themselves against backbone failures, and yet it is as simple to deploy as a bonded T1 service. Many of our customers are deploying this technology to protect their VOIP investment.

When you look at what is involved with providing connectivity to the internet there are basically three points of failure that affect the traversal of data to the outside world. The first being the long haul fiber connections back from the central office (CO) to internet backbones of the providers. Second is the provider’s MDF/IDF equipment housed inside of the central office. Lastly is the local loop from the central office to the business location also known as the “last mile”.

In the diagram above the three red X’s represent the possible failure points. With Dual Path T1 you are protected along the long haul fiber connection back to the internet with redundant fiber backbone providers. Should anything happen to the fiber connection or any of the related transport equipment along the way the other fiber line will still provide transport without any reconfiguration to your network infrastructure because the bonded circuit is a single IP address range. There also will not be any outage duration and the only thing that you may not even notice will be a reduction of bandwidth while we work with the transport provider to repair the failed fiber connection.

Equipment housed at the central office is owned and managed by the provider and each has their own IDFs. Should equipment fail with one provider the other providers IDF will provide the redundancy which will again be transparent to the user.

Although we cannot fully manage the last mile loop, most failures happen deeper in the network at the backbone level but to help protect the last mile we will run two physical local loops from the central office to your place of business.

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