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About On-Air Telecommunications

We are a global network services provider that owns and operates a network connecting 65+ points of presence in Europe, Asia and North America. The core of this network is a private backbone consisting primarily of multiple 10 Gigabit Ethernet links over dedicated wavelengths on a diverse fibre-optic mesh. Founded in 2001 as a wide-area Internet Exchange fabric and application delivery service provider, we offer a portfolio of services including Ethernet Private Line, Wide Area Community Networking and Wide Area Peering, a Managed Routing Platform, single and multi-homed IP Transit, and Content Delivery Networking. The company‘s global infrastructure and expertise are also used in support of Cloud Computing initiatives.

The Company‘s founding mission was to build a distributed Internet Exchange, exploding the original business model using Layer 2 Ethernet over MPLS technology and allowed the Company to provide point to multi-point Ethernet connectivity as well as the wide area peering services. This model was well received and now over 130 networks are peering over our network.

While we have always had wide area peering at its core, customers have adopted the technologies present within the peering fabrics to create Community of Interest Networks spanning the continents. This has allowed them to create wide area intranets for their own use linking remote offices and customer facing extranets to allow them to share data with remote customers. While seemingly bespoke in nature as each customer has their own demands, the technology, delivery and support remain core skills deployed in new ways. These have also allowed us to develop strong relationships with many service providers worldwide as we have pulled together diverse network elements to create single customer solutions.

A key strength of our offering has always been the ability to provide customers with multiple services from a single port on the network. This has allowed customers to aggregate wide area peering, multi-homed IPT and point to multi point Ethernet private line services across a single infrastructure, greatly simplifying the deployment, ongoing management and supplier relationship management.

The peering capability and knowledge personnel have gained over the years uniquely positions us to create and deploy innovative solutions to the ongoing issues of ensuring that revenue generating traffic traverses from source to consumer in the best possible way – each and every time. We aim to protect the revenue stream and respect the fact that our customers‘ customers will only keep paying if the quality of service matches expectations. In today‘s online and real time environment, there is small margin for error.

The Company now serves over 500 customers, covering Carriers, ISPs, Content Providers and major Enterprises including some of the largest names. The network has grown to cover the US, EU and Asia with Points of Presence in 65+ locations worldwide.

Our growth and success in attracting funding has been built on a foundation of innovation and cost efficiency. By staying lean and flexible we have maintained our leading industry position, earning a reputation for responsiveness and reliability.

Finding the right solution… it‘s a partnership

Our unique “application sensitive” platform combines IP, transport, and content delivery services to enable personalized service portfolios that are optimized for the specific needs of each application. We allow each customer to vary service speed and quality across different classes of user, enabling delivery costs to be aligned with user loyalty and revenue. Instead of depending on edge server technologies to for content delivery, we optimize by uniquely combining IP, Transport and Content in a single robust platform.

We work very hard to be different and its our capabilities that help us stand out from the crowd.

  • Highly configurable services: The service mix can be adapted as needed to meet the unique and changing requirements of each customer and the composition of its user base
  • Robust, low-jitter network: Delivers continuous rich media content without the time and phase inconsistencies that disrupt a consistent stream of content
  • Flexible capacity allocation: Provides customers with on-demand extra capacity, eliminating the customer‘s need to build out networks for the worst case
  • Best-cost routing system: Optimises the bi-directional flow of content through the service that delivers the best value in quality of service (QoS) and cost
  • One to one direct communication: Establishes highly visible and direct connection between interaction endpoints, eliminating the “black box” of standard Internet connectivity and earlier generation delivery platforms
  • Single port access to multiple services: Enables access to multiple services from a single physical port, providing built-in redundancy and easier, more manageable connections
  • Next generation business model: Allows customers to pay for value consumed, versus treating delivery as a sunk costs expense with un-measurable ROI.

We want to work with you to make sure the solution is right

We work through 5 stages to develop the right solution and working relationship with our customers to provide connectivity that can be leveraged to provide real business advantage.

  • Listen, hear, understand the customer operation and business model
  • Be innovative in providing the solution and keep a close working relationship with our customer to ensure it remains relevant
  • Promise only what can be achieved
  • Be lean, flexible and cost effective
  • Provide real time data online to manage network spend and performance

By working closely with our customers we deliver flexible, reliable, and cost effective connectivity. A flat, responsive organization, On-Air is far removed from the slow moving, hierarchical operations of many alternative IP carriers.

Questions & Support

If you have any questions, require additional information, prefer to order any of our services or would like to discuss a service solution for your business, please contact us by clicking below and providing us with a call-back number to reach you. You will receive a reply via e-mail, or a call from an account manager within 24 hours.

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